Themes from previous Tribal Earth Workshops


In an ordinary state of consciousness our brain waves are in what scientists call a Beta state.

When we listen to monotonous drumming our brainwaves slow down, first to the Alpha state, which signals the beginning state of meditation, then they slow down even more into a Theta state. A state of true relaxation or deep hypnosis.

They are the brain waves responsible for determining our retention of memories, feelings and emotions and we experience when we’re dreaming, or when we’re totally absorbed by the world around us.

They are powerful, spiritual and can put you in a complete trance.

Altered State of Consciousness

Monotonous or rhythmic drumming is used to alter the state of consciousness when journeying. There are also traditions that use rattles, sticks and bells. In Australia the shamans use didgeridoos and click sticks. The Sami people of Lapland and Norway use either drums or chants called joiking. Altering our brain waves.

Shamans, tribes, mystical practitioners, regularly journey outside of this world of time and space to non-ordinary reality, to retrieve information from helping spirits for healing, for the community, for patients or anyone seeking guidance.

We can go on a meditation journey to see if we have a power animal or we could also be journeying for any other reason.


Our everyday lives are intertwined with the spirit and energy of everything around us. Our awareness, our consciousness connects with the sky, the wind, the trees, birds, clouds, fire, buildings, mountains, people.

There is spirit in everything; a table, your car, a mobile phone. The spirit of a relationship, a yoga class, a storm, a wedding, an argument, a meal, a dog walk, a fun night out. All these things have their own spirit, like a personality, they have a unique energy.

To what do we pray that a dropped mobile phone will work again?

Way of the Shaman

Take a drum, some palo santo and lose yourself with tribal yoga poses into the woods..

Re-connect to spirit, your higher self and the cosmos..

Enjoy the video clip of one such journey..

The Path of the Sacred Warrior heals the Spirit..