Relax & Restore – Westhampnett Community Hall, Chichester

 Book yourself in for a morning of complete relaxation and restoration surrounded by naturallight as you enjoy the pure and calming essential oil aromatherapy. Alreadyimproving your psychological and physical well-being.

Immerse yourself in blankets, cushions and bolsters. Centering your breath and body.

Aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness and gentle movementswith the props assisting you to hold the poses longer.In restorative yoga we practice breathing, side and back bending, twisting, forward folds,turning upside down and relaxation poses.

Restoring what is natural within us:the ability to deeply relax. The muscles and breath are relaxed, the nervous systemis quiet. The mind is conscious and our thoughts begin to relax.

With yin yoga postures and stretches we increase circulation and improve flexibility.
Releasing fascia and improving joint mobility as well as balancing the internal organsand improving the flow of chi or prana.

In your final reclined restorative pose your energy will be cleansed with the burningof the scared plants white sage and rose petals to bring physical healing, spiritual cleansing and a deep rejuvenation to your experience.

Enjoy a guided meditation yoga nidra journey. Yogic sleep meditations promote deep restand relaxation as you enter a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.

Initiated with stages of body scan and breath awareness calm the nervous system, leading to less stress and better health.Let your state of consciousness naturally alter with Tibetan master bowl sound vibrationsor soft shamanic drumming. As the brain moves into the Theta brain wave frequenciesthat induce deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind, and intuition.

Impacting your nervous system, engaging your relaxation reflex and inhibitingthe stress or pain response.

Gently coming back to wakefulness completely restored and renewed.

Beach Yoga Retreat – Famara, Lanzarote 2021

There are two beautiful beach bungalows available for us: Beach Bungalow

There are 7 spaces available (£255 each) for 4 nights stay with 2 yoga classes a day included.

With lovely local bars and restaurants nearby. We can also buy and cook our own food, so food is not included in the price.

Famara Beach / Playa de Farma:

Flights are extra and looking like £106 – £123 return from Gatwick.

Moroccan Beach Yoga Retreat – Taghazout 2018

“Taghazout Villa is our beach chic guesthouse with a laid-back social vibe. It’s communal spaces and family like atmosphere make it a home away from home for you to sleep, surf, and play. Taghazout Villa has been featured The Guardian, Huffington Post, The Observer, and The Independent, amongst many other publications. It’s Morocco’s best-known and loved, surf accommodation.”

Thagazout village is a vibrant place with lots of market stalls, restaurants, surf hire shops, great beaches and cafes scattered around everywhere. With exotic colours, sights, sounds, smells and textures to awaken our senses.

Connecting to the spirit of the wind, sea, sun and earth. Raising our awareness and expanding our consciousness. Finding a true, deeper connection to ourselves and this planet we live on.

Relax, Unwind Body & Soul Retreat – West Sussex 2018

Come and join us for a day that will start with a Feldenkrais session with Alex Croft. This is a gentle movement class that will explore the relationship between your mind and its perceptions of what you can do and totally dissolve the boundaries between them.

A beautiful small movement class that sometimes seem almost impossible, suddenly lead to you moving in a whole different way. Opening your mind, body and life in new ways.

Our days are always fun, full of laughter and we welcome everyone to come and join us. For more info and to book please see link: Relax, Unwind Body & Soul Retreat.