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RE-DESIGN YOUR LIFE – £60 (60 mins)
Transform your body and mind with a unique program tailored to your specific physical and headspace needs. Change your habits, shift your awareness and create a new way to work through important, difficult or troublesome areas in your life.
I’ve worked for 20 years as an advertising photographer in London and Madrid whilst working all over Europe, in Asia and Africa. Now my career and creative energy focuses on helping people become the best possible versions of themselves. I found that I was holding myself back in quite a few areas of my life. Through my thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions.
Now I’m an experienced yoga teacher and qualified life coach offering clients a unique blend of yoga and emotional coaching to help them transform their lives.
Offering 1 – 12 sessions or creating a unique program. We identify your goals, overcome blocks and transform your body and mind so that you can find inner confidence, a fresh outlook and fresh feeling of energy in your life.
A unique program can also include an inspiring photoshoot so you can visualise your success.
YOGA THERAPY – £40 (60 mins)
Maybe you don’t specifically want to learn yoga, but would like to get help with or relief from some symptom or health condition that is troubling you.
Yoga Therapy classes focus on the condition and use yoga techniques to help you feel better or improve function. From back pain, anxiety, strength, arthritis, depression, MS, relationships, confidence, habits, career, stress-relief etc..
Mindfulness coaching is hugely beneficial to fix any issues you have in your life. Relationships, confidence, habits, career, performance, self-esteem, stress, anxiety, depression. Anything you feel that is holding you back.
Think better. Act better. Feel better about your life direction and the decisions you make about your goals and values. Knowing the tips and techniques to be mindful everyday helps you be more aware and in control of your life. Being more effective, unlocking your full potential.
Book a coaching session to find out what is important to you in your life and where to begin to make effective change. Career, Family, Health & Fitness, Spirituality, Relationships, Personal Growth etc. More info.
YOGA FOR STRENGTH / REHAB – £40 (60 mins)
People usually book a private class if they are new to yoga and want to practice away from a busy group environment. Where we can focus on specific areas of your health, strength and wellbeing that you need.
RESTORATIVE YOGA – £40 (60 mins)
If you are in need of some deep relaxation you’ve come to the right place.
You’re going to love a private restorative yoga class.
We uses blankets, pillows, cushion and bolsters to get into gentle and relaxing poses.
Unwind from all the stresses of every day life with calming music, aromatherapy, energy cleanse and sound healing with the Tibetan Master bowl.
SPECIAL EVENT – £150 (60 – 120 mins)
Are you after a fun, group yoga class for a special event like a wedding, glamping weekend, country house retreat or fitness launch event? Or would you like a mindfulness talk for your company or group of colleagues. Feel free to get in touch and we can set up a class for all levels.
SHAMANIC JOURNEY – £Donation (60 mins)
Travel to the lower, middle or upper world to find your spirit guides and receive information about important events happening in your life to help guide you on your path.
Receive healing energy to areas of your body, removing any unwanted or heavy energy and releasing it back to nature.

For more info or to book please get in touch.