Yoga Classes

Classes have classic yoga sequencing, preparation for postures with a general emphasis on breath work, alignment and movement.

We keep aware of how our joints and muscles feel as we move through different postures.

Always lots of fun, not too serious and regularly getting fitter and stronger.

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Please look after your body, skip postures and just rest whenever you feel like it.

Class Schedule & Booking

Childrens Yoga

Teaching fun, themed childrens yoga classes for schools and the local community. For more information please get in touch. DBS Certificate below.

Childrens Yoga for Schools

On summer evenings after teaching beach yoga in the local town, the kids run over to me shouting; “Yoga man! Yoga man!” and we do a little mini-class together. Or when I’m walking the dog in the evening across the same field they run over and we practice some poses again. Usually handstands and warrior poses. Seeing who can hold them the longest.. ~ more info link


I’ve been teaching groups from 1 to 40+ students for four years at festivals, yoga studios, retreats (Barcelona, Morocco), nursing homes, fitness studios, primary schools and luxury health spas.

Hope to see you soon.

Beach Yoga

Here’s a beach yoga video for you.