Yoga & Happiness

Teaching fun and friendly classes suitable for all levels.
Private classes for anxiety, back pain, stress relief.
Retreats, workshops & restorative yoga evenings.

My goal is to keep people fit and healthy. Re-connecting them to the energy and strength in their bodies. Keeping people moving in the community.

Ancient ways of living in tribes inspired me to become a yoga teacher. As well as thousand year old texts about how to live a more balanced and harmonious life. I found yoga was a way to re-connect to something we have lost.

Naturally influences come from Buddhism and Hinduism as well as from other tribal cultures providing powerful insights to living a life more connected to each other, our energy and the planet.

I teach a calm and flowing hatha vinyasa style of yoga suitable for all levels.

Classes have classic yoga sequencing, preparation for postures with a general emphasis on breath work and alignment. Keeping aware of our joints and muscles as we move through different postures.

By getting movement into the body in restricted areas yoga therapy also helps alleviate a range of issues from back pain, anxiety, MS, stress-relief and depression.

Occasionally including movements from other yoga related practices such as tai chi, mindfulness, kundalini yoga and qi gong that can help us connect to the flow of energy, prana, qi (chi) or sami in and around our bodies.

Encouraging us to re-connect to our senses and expand these beyond our physical bodies and back out into the world around us. Skills we use less and less each day in the modern world of flick a switch, re-charge that, microwave this, copy and paste that etc.

Workshops and retreats can have drumming, meditation, aromatherapy, massage oils (in savasana) or energy cleansing (palo santo). Including connecting to certain areas of the body (heart intelligence, gut instinct) as well as focusing on elements in nature and grounding down to the earth.

Workshops have themes of mindfulness, yoga therapy, expanding awareness, animal spirit guides and journeying to non-ordinary reality (e.g. lower world). All helping to bring balance to our lives and bodies.

Animal spirit guides are spirit helpers in animal form who can provide guidance for questions you have about any aspect of your life.

Yoga class waiver form, certificates & yoga insurance documents.


These are probably the most well known yoga sequences around and there is a good reason for it. Sun Salutations stretch all the major muscle groups of the body, relax the mind, and help you to deepen your breath.


A path of practice and spiritual development leading to Insight into the true nature of reality. Buddhist practices like meditation are a means of changing yourself in order to develop qualities such as awareness, kindness, and wisdom


Sacred writings go back thousands of years and recommend activities or habits for healthy living, spiritual enlightenment and liberated state of existence. The first Yama is Ahimsa – compassion for all living things. The second Satya – commitment to truthfulness. (+).

Meditation & Music

Free relaxing audio of yoga nidra meditations, waves on the beach (soundcloud page) and music used in classes (youtube page).

Sequences & Video

Short and long yoga videos. All fours, tennis ball massage and standing yoga sequence plans.


Think better. Act better. Feel better about your life direction and the decisions you make about your goals and values. NLP coaching can help you be more effective, unlocking your full potential.

Book a coaching session to find out what is important to you in your life. Career, Family, Health & Fitness, Spirituality, Relationships, Personal Growth etc.




Breathing techniques where the breath or life force is intentionally altered in order to produce specific results.


An ancient healing practice developed in China over 5,000 years ago. Easy to learn, gentle and slow. (+).


Spend 4 minutes each day being the best mum, dad, teacher, employee, manager in the world. (+).


Awakens kundalini energy through regular practice of meditation, pranayama, chanting & yoga. (+) (+).


Sanskrit words believed by practitioners to have psychological and spiritual powers when chanted. (+).


Can promote relaxation, builds internal energy and develops compassion, love, patience, generosity & forgiveness.

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Fantastic yoga session with Vince Starr this morning. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to try yoga in a safe and supportive environment or who wants to improve their practice. We’re very lucky to have Vince in Selsey – make the most of him!

Andrea Ford Sports/Deep Tissue and Indian head massage

Vince’s “open air” fun yoga and wellbeing classes by the beach. “Yoga always blisses me out but yoga under a blue sky, by the sea with a warm wind, the sound of the waves and swift’s flying overhead – sublime. It can’t get better than that.

Photography-loving, beach, woodland, walking & yoga.

“I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you so much for your lovely note and gorgeous smelling massage oil. It was very kind of you. I really enjoyed our time together in the Ockenden Manor classes, you’re such an amazing yoga guide and a cool, chilled out person who is so easy to get along with. I was lucky to have you there.”

Keen yogi, pilates and fitness practitioner

“Vince is a great teacher. His classes are just the right blend of stretch, strength, stamina, flow and calming meditative reflection. He’s a very warm and generous person and this is evident in his teaching – he has an energetic and uplifting presence which really connects with his students. I always leave his classes feeling renewed and inspired.”

Lushtums Pregnancy and Post Natal yoga founder

I like to practice Vince’s classes as I find the energy created through rhythmic flow and contemplative rest is a powerful remedy to balance my forthcoming week in the office. As a result of sound, movement and suggested thought I feel empowered and revitalised, his awareness and engagement with the class allows for moments of feeling spiritually and physically connected to the energy in the room, outside of it and within myself.

Marie Tompkins
Hatha Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Y12SR teacher, classical masseuse.

I’ve been lucky enough to have Vince teach on several of my yoga retreats and I’m always amazed at his depth of knowledge, incredible sequencing and friendly personality that puts everyone at ease. Vince has a passion for learning and sharing his knowledge. It’s always a pleasure to work with Vince and I can’t wait till next time. Highly recommended!

Rangi Robinson
Manawa yoga retreat founder, Barcelona

Yoga was amazing tonight, much needed calming practice with the beautiful evening sun on my face, blissssss!!! 🌞🌞🌞 Thank you Vince.

Lauren Woolven
Yogi, runner, Mum and small business owner

Vince is a wonderfully intuitive, caring & creative yoga teacher; bringing his many areas of interest, research and experience into his classes. You are in safe hands with Vince and will leave his classes feeling clear and vital.


Toni Ann Roberts
Director at Lokya Retreats, Teacher at LushTums and Principal of Teacher Training at The Yoga Garden.

As a novice I was looking for an instructor that knew their stuff, was in touch with the spiritual side but wasn’t pushy with it and not disappearing up their own back end. Vince ticks all those boxes and the class is perfect for all levels and is very welcoming.


Husband/father/Gardening Business Owner/Radio+Club+Mobile DJ and presenter on @1brightonfm